The Beginning

MCT LoFi is a Denver, Colorado based artist whose work as an artist began in 2022 with an explosion of creativity driven by a visceral urge to create and communicate universal truths about the human spiritual condition through his art.

His first piece is a 3D art book entitled Shadow Angels that is 10” tall and 15” wide. MCT’s primary medium is mixed media. A unique and defining element of many MCT paintings include color depth, which creates a three-dimensional effect on his paintings when wearing special glasses.

His free handed, urban-esque, abstract style has invoked comparisons to Basquiat combined with the unbridled force of Punk Rock. Bold colors, rich textures, multi-layered surfaces and text with hidden and unhidden messages are benchmarks of many MCT pieces.

Through my work, I plunge into the sharp contrasts of the human experience, from the depths of utter hopelessness to the awe-inspiring connection we share with something greater than ourselves. Guided by an inspirational and mysterious Source, my mission is to expand and transform human consciousness, revealing the profound interconnectedness we have with each other, The Source, and our Celestial Family.

I believe that art has the power to transcend the limitations of language, allowing us to tap into the universal language of the soul. By weaving together symbolic imagery, celestial motifs, and evocative textures, my creations serve as portals to transcendental realms, inviting viewers to explore the depths of their own consciousness and awaken to the profound unity that exists within and around us.

I exist only as a humble transmitter, a lone beacon in the vastness of space and time broadcasting for humanity to wake up before it is too late.