How can we reach you?

You will receive an email confirmation, and within two business days our staff will be in touch with you directly.

Design Trade

Interior designers, design professionals, and architects are all welcome to participate in our program. We also offer custom programs for hospitality and large scale projects.

Framing Information

MCT LoFi framing is provided by 3rd party framing partners. Our framing partner in Denver, CO ships to the US and Canada

Return Policy

MCT LoFi canvas, wood or prints and framed prints are non returnable as they are all limited edition collections.

Certificate of Authenticity

The certificate of authenticity (COA) means you can buy, sell or insure a piece of art knowing it's legitimate and the value and exclusivity won't fall off.MCT Control Office is the only source of COA's for MCT LoFi. We issue them for paintings, prints, sculptures and other attempts at creativity.It's only for originally intended as a 'work of art'.