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Feeling crafty, or want to see my latest creative idea? Step into my artistic studio space, a makerspace for art, drawing, photography, 3D artwork, crafting and more from MCT LoFi.


MCT LoFi's Studio

Let's Talk About Inspirations

Through my work, I plunge into the sharp contrasts of the human experience, from the depths of utter hopelessness to the awe-inspiring connection we share with something greater than ourselves. Guided by an inspirational and mysterious Source, my mission is to expand and transform human consciousness, revealing the profound interconnectedness we have with each other, The Source, and our Celestial Family.

Celestial Motifs

I believe that art has the power to transcend the limitations of language, allowing us to tap into the universal language of the soul. By weaving together symbolic imagery, celestial motifs, and evocative textures, my creations serve as portals to transcendental realms, inviting viewers to explore the depths of their own consciousness and awaken to the profound unity that exists within and around us.

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