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Being a modern contemporary artist MCT LoFi is in constant flux, religiously creating, inventing, and experimenting with new materials, images, and concepts in his artwork. Keep up with MCT LoFi’s latest shows and exhibitions.

Would MCT LoFi consider a solo exhibition in my gallery or museum?

Solo exhibitions are extremely rare. MCT LoFi may send exhibition announcements of his work. Please send your showcase inquiries in the form below and we will happily review these announcements. Museums and galleries or art festivals may send links about the events and we will review it.

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Framing Information

MCT LoFi framing is provided by 3rd party framing partners. Our framing partner in Denver, CO ships to the US and Canada

Certificate of Authenticity

The certificate of authenticity (COA) means you can buy, sell or insure a piece of art knowing it's legitimate and the value and exclusivity won't fall off. MCT Control Office is the only source of COA's for MCT LoFi. We issue them for paintings, prints, sculptures and other attempts at creativity.It's only for originally intended as a 'work of art'.

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